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SAIL2SHARE aims to offer more people the opportunity to enjoy sailing and water sports. We want to achieve this by sharing knowledge, maintenance, costs and socializing and special experiences with several people.

All this for no profit, not practiced commercially, taking into account the purchasing power of people, but with enthusiasm and reality.

SAIL2SHARE also aims to make new young people enthusiastic about sailing and water sports and to allow them to participate in the club life of Jachtclub Scheveningen. (JCS) These new young people will have to form the basis for the JCS association for the next 10-20 years and they will probably share in the costs and benefits and volunteer work.

We sail with a fantastic 16 meter Trintella located in the beautiful marina of Scheveningen.

In the coming period we will work hard to get the foundation up and running. If you are interested in participating please contact us.


Remco de Ridder

Founder of SAIL2SHARE

More information? 06-155 190 71 or info@sail2share.nl